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Chey Rose
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(~ID picture was made my the lovely and talented :iconwi-fu:~ :heart:)
Hey Guys, I'm Cheyanna but you guys can call me Chey. I love the amazing artist and I'm making a lot of amazing friends here. I'm a little shy about putting my art up, and just a bit nervous. If anyone wants to be friends I'm right here waiting. *giggles stupidly and falls out of my chair and crawls back into bed*


Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew happened to my friend Toasty and why her account was deactivated. It would make me feel so much better to know if she is ok and if there an account or cite I could contact her on. If anyone is reading this please please help me find my friend. Please.

Hey guys! Ever since I went to Nebkon I was in a major drawing mood and I've been in the mood for drawing some creepy characters too!

I will accept Creepypasta characters, Five night's at freddy's, and whoever you want!

I will be doing this til Christmas so please let me know what you want me to draw and if you want me to draw something other than creepy stuff then message me and I will see what I can do! XD


If I get enough requests I will do a random request for the 1st, 10th, 20th asker in full color and mail it to you with ease and a cute chibi drawing, a doodled out letter with love and care, and a piece of candy! XD

And remember some of these maybe free but if it is a commission like your oc, a character doing something particular, or something like that. If I know you personally then they get a "friendship" discount! hehe (which means everyone hehe)

Here are the costs
Sketch - $2.00
Ink - $5.00
Full color - $10.00
Chibi sketctch - $4.00
"Friendship" Package - $20.00 (which holds candy, a chibi of you or your favorite character, a cool letter, 2 drawings, and a special surprise just for you!

Note these prices will change with time and I will have sales going on so keep your eye out! But also these are very cheap prices for drawing and my time so remember I'm doing this til Christmas so call me when you want a drawing done for a cheap price!

Have a great day and Live Long and stay Sexy! XD

Chey~ (/) ' w ' /) *Free Icon/Emote* Ramen Pusheen

Hi guys! I forgot to tell you guys but three weeks ago a blood vessel popped in my eye and it continued to get worse. I thought it was Conjuntivetious or a blood clot in the back of my eye or so I thought, one day it hurt so bad that we went to the doctor. She said its not an infection so no Conjunctivetious and she said there are no cuts on my eyeball. She told us that I should go to an eye doctor and to help the pain....she gave me a shot but not where I thought I would get it. I got a butt shot....yup! XD hehehe and after that I felt awesome! Slept like a baby! hehehe and the next day we went to the eye doctor, whom I think is very nice, and she told me that my eyeball at one point had swollen so much that my iris (the color part of the eye) touched the lens (which is separated from the main parts of the eye and should never be touched by the main parts) and my iris became sticky and stuck to my iris which caused it to inflame. Which shows how the vein popped because my eye was strained when they touched. It made my vision blurry in my left eye, it was sensitive to light and touch at times, and grow blood shot which came off and on. So my eye was freaking out on me and now I'm taking these expensive eye drops and I will be leaving today to see if they are working like they should. So tehe wish me luck. XD
Thanks for reading and have a rockn' day! (/) ' 3 ' /)
    ~Chey *Free Icon/Emote* Ramen Pusheen 
'How dare you?!' OC Bust by BrokenHeartReaperX
'How dare you?!' OC Bust
This is my OC (whom I haven't named yet)
And I was working on my adventure time busts and I was drawing something weird and then this happened. XD
Hello everyone, I am opening up another commission thingy and this time I will be listing the things I can do for you and the things I am not so good at! XD
Things I am good at: Adventure Time Busts (hands and extras are 2 points extra), chibi animals, base drawings (which means you show me a base you would like and I will make it awesome), custom adoptables, kawaii food with cute faces (like the journal skin, but i didn't do the skin), tribal, small simple comics, clothing designs, and surprise (its one of my favorite things to draw but I don't know what its called XD Its a woman's face but just her eye(s) and lips with a cool theme)
Things I'm not so good at: Sonic theme (unless you give me a base), full bodies (if you have a base), realistic drawing, wings (kind of), and so many others that I can't even list them XD

AT Bust: 20-25 points (depending on how much detail you want)
Chibi Animals: 10 points
Base Drawings: 10-15 points
Customs: 15 points
Food with Faces: 10 points
Tribal: 10 points
Comics: 15 points
Clothing Designs: 15 points
Surprise: Whatever amount we discuss ^u^

PS My birthday is coming up in six days. I was hoping that this year I could get some art or loving "Happy Birthday"s from my dear friends on here. Please and Thank you!

Thanks for reading
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